At The Mease, we will ensure that all pupils in our school are equally valued by having equal access to a broad and balanced REFLECT curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities.

  • We will have effective management systems and procedures in place for SEN, taking into account the current Code of Practice (2014)
  • We will have successful communication between teachers, children with SEN, parents of SEN children, Teaching Assistants and outside agencies.
  • We will acknowledge and draw on parents’ knowledge and expertise in relation to their own child.
  • Through the Parent meetings the children will be encouraged to take an increasingly active role in their targets, progress and next steps.
  • We are committed to developing the knowledge and skills of all the staff to manage the challenges of the range of needs in the school, and to ensure that all support is of high quality.
  • We will have an effective review cycle which allows us to monitor, review and plan for the next steps of development.
  • Through our REFLECT Curriculum, we will ensure that consideration for SEN crosses all curriculum areas and all aspects of teaching and learning.

The SENCO will work with all agencies – CAMHS, school nurses and National Health Services, Safeguarding and Education welfare. The SENCO will link with community groups and charities that wok within the area. All pupils with additional needs will be supported and targeted throughout the whole school day.

For more information, please find below our SEND Information Report and Policy: